Counselling in Bristol

What is counselling and how can it help?

Broadly speaking the terms “counselling, psychotherapy and therapy” are similar and refer to the meeting with a trained professional in order to deal with any issues you may have through discussion and exploration. Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Therapists are trained to help you deal with a variety of issues, personal, social and psychological.

Professional counselling services in BristolWe all have times when we feel that life is a struggle and we find it difficult to cope. It may be that we are experiencing distressing thoughts and feelings, or we are coping with a difficult period within our lives. Perhaps we are going through a life changing event or struggling to deal with unresolved issues from our past. Whatever issues we have, we can find ourselves caught up in a web of confusion and worry, sometimes leading to low self-esteem, lack of confidence, anxiety and depression. We can find it impossible to make sense of such feelings and it seems as if nobody listens or understands what we are going through.

At such times of distress we often find it difficult to express intense feelings, such as anger, embarrassment, grief, guilt and hate to our family and friends. Talking things through with a trained professional can help us to make sense of what has happened, enabling us to express our thoughts and feelings to loved ones in an appropriate way, whilst beginning to understand the effect our issues may be having upon us, our lives and our well-being.

The aim of counselling

The aim of counselling is to provide a safe, secure and non-judgemental environment in which any concerns or issues past or present can be discussed. Counselling is not about giving advice or telling you what to do. It is about helping you to come to a deeper understanding of yourself and your issues, whilst providing the tools to enable you to build self-esteem and empowering you to be able to make informed choices and decisions that are right for you as an individual. It is about offering support and understanding to enable you to cope with life changes or simply come to terms with life’s events.

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