How I work

Supportive environment

Similar to a flower needing enough water and sunlight to fully blossom, emotional and psychological growth is more likely to occur when the right conditions for development are present.

In my approach to working with people I strive to provide clients with a supportive environment, which facilitates movement towards wellbeing and good mental health.

One of the most important factors of a supportive professional relationship is a sense of trust and safety. Such a ‘holding’ environment allows clients to open to their own experiencing and start exploring their thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a curious and non-judgemental way.

Insight into our own struggle and acceptance of difficult emotions gradually lead to an improved ability to navigate the rich and often unpredictable landscape of our lives.

A non-directive approach

Being non-directive does not mean simply sitting in one room with the client and nodding from time to time as a sign of understanding. It is a collaborative work which acknowledges the wisdom and experience of the client while also utilising the skills and knowledge of the counsellor.

As a counsellor, however, I do not ‘lead’ clients anywhere or suggest the topics of the sessions. Instead, I ‘walk along’ (and experientially sometimes slightly ahead) of each client and work with their immediate experiencing as it unfolds.

Being understood on a fundamental level

The heart of my counselling work is empathy. Joining with the client by accurately understanding and experiencing her or his inner world is essential to the working relationship. The components of empathy are the desire to understand, sensitive listening, probing without judgement, and a communication of that understanding to the client to facilitate growth of the client’s own self-awareness.

As a counsellor, I convey a valuing of the client’s feelings worthy of being noticed and understood. Empathic connection within the counselling relationship serves to heal the wounds of disconnection in the client’s prior relationships where empathy was lacking.